12 October 2011

Tulip Fun Fun - the bendable bike rack

images via Keha3'
Just cracked open this week's New York Magazine and came across Keha3's 'Tulip Fun Fun' designed by Margus Triibmann. Yeah, FUN! The Estoni-based designer developed the rack from metal cable, covered rubber hose, and hot galvanized metal plate -- allowing you more options when locking up while also protecting your frame with it's rubber coating. Love imagining tons of these racks installed in the city, bending like wheat in a field. You know?! Well, anyhow, while looking at some of  Margus' other designs, I recognized the 'Sea Buoy' which I've admired in the past for it's cleverness, 'vandal-proof/impact-proof housing', possible indoor/outdoor applications, and after all it's waterproof. While not bike specific, it would be awesome to carry around in your bike basket (like so)!

images via Keha3'

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