14 October 2011

a minimal Bicycle Purse Rack

When it comes to women and biking in the city, it's difficult to escape the issue of what to do when carrying a purse. I recently wrote about this very topic on Oregon Manifest's blog... and was very excited to come across this super simple spring loaded rack to keep your bag safe and secure! The Bicycle Purse Rack is an exclusive product of CycleChic in the UK and their sister site The Bicycle Muse in the USofA. It attaches to your handlebar stem with just 2 screws and bolts and is chrome plated steel to prevent rust. Pretty simple.

Now I haven't tested it out myself but I wouldn't go overboard and throw on my largest/heaviest bag (after all the rack itself is W: 22cm, H: 21cm, D: 13cm) but a medium sized one with the necessities should do fine. Plus, carrying an extra little bungee cord would not hurt!


  1. that's really cute!

  2. That's an awesome idea - I'd love to be able to fit it on my folding bike - do you know how long a stem you need for that or where I can find more info?

  3. I just received one in the mail to test out and will be reviewing it shortly but in the meantime...

    The bracket itself is 7/8" in length so technically you don't need more then a bout an 1" spacing -- the difference with a longer stem is that you'll have more options with adjusting the height of the rack. The biggest factor in using it though is the style bike your riding -- you'll need enough clearance so that your knees won't be bumping into it (like you see with some front child carriers on bikes) but more to come about these racks shortly...

  4. Anonymous16.11.11

    you're such a fashionista not just on clothes but also in bikes. i love it!

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