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25 April 2012

Spinlister catching my attention

This bike in SoHo caught my attention for two reasons... (1) the bike's awesome colour scheme - especially like the yellow pedals matching the Ulock and (2) the seat cover ad by Spinlister, a new online marketplace where you can rent/rent out a bike...

via Spinlister
Doing a few quick searches I found a real range of bikes (even one with a kids seat), per day prices (ranging from $10 to $60) with per week options, pick-up locations, though found the majority listed as fitting 5'6" or taller. It was also interesting to see that along with individuals listing their bikes, I spotted a couple rental companies like Bike and Roll on there...
via Spinlister
Before considering renting out on of my bikes, I'm going to spend some time reading through their Terms & Conditions. But it does seem like this site is a pretty brillant way of scoring some wheels for a few days -- especially if your an out of towner - or - making some extra $$ from a bike collecting dust in your tight living quarters. I just know if I were renting, I would be mighty careful locking up! 

If you've used Spinlister, do share your thoughts!!! 

24 April 2012

an April bike commute

After Sunday's all day rain came... this balancing driftwood sculpture. Love coming across random things like this on my bike commutes.

16 April 2012

is that seat talking to me?

Its not the first time seeing a company giving away free waterproof bike seat covers as a form of advertising, but I spotted this one in Brooklyn -- not Europe! With the increase in cycling and thus bikes parked outdoors - bike seats appear to be the next available (mini) billboards in waiting.

Timbuk2's Soggybuns campaign (above) is offering 20% off your next purchase on their website and is hilariously collecting your "photos of clever alternate uses for your bike seat cover" which so far includes a shower cap, beret, and a fruit bowl. Too funny!

10 June 2011


Spotting a cute gaggle of girls with vintage bikes outfitted with handlebar streamers and little flags in SoHo yesterday naturally peeked my curiosity. Turns out another fashion + bike advertising campaign... they were biking around and handing out store coupons for $10-$100 off (and chance to win $1,000) IF you 'like' them on Facebook... part of the WISH YOU WERE AT TOPSHOP campaign going on in a slew of cities this week. Since they're mobile you can track them down via their Twitter feed for their next give away site. No doubt, pretty cute.

23 May 2011

island dreamin'

Spotting this Nantucket plate on the streets of Manhattan still conjured thoughts of warm summer days spent on some of my favorite small islands where bicycle are prominent... Fire Island, Governors Island, Peak's Island, Maine and for the first time Block Island this summer! 

Though I am thankful that a bicycle license law is not a popular agenda item in NY.

17 May 2011

May showers bring...

me pain. What happened to the May we used to all love and cheer for? While I do enjoy riding in rain - as in during a summer heat wave, this is no National Bike Month weather here in NYC!

Well, it does make for a romantic bike portrait. A Gary Fisher city bike in this case.
The aluminum frame and Shimano 3-speed hub keep this model simple and light weight for the ladies.

02 May 2011

straight up

How I loved spotting this rigged up headlight (i.e. flashlight) - so old school. The fact that it takes at least a couple D batteries is just awesome. Also sweet to see Trek's Belleville has those (front + rear) racks making it one ready to roll utilitarian set of wheels...

12 April 2011

welcome back mid-70°s

You've been dearly missed.

The weather in NYC yesterday was F-F-FABULOUS. While running errands I opted to take a detour and rode south of Chambers on the West Side. Since there is still construction along the West Side Highway, next to the World Trade Center site, the bike path makes a detour along the Hudson with some beautiful + well kept spots in Battery Park City along the way...

Note that most of this ride is on a path shared with pedestrians - it's more of a leisure sightseeing tour then cycle speedway. Also, be aware that further north on the West Side Greenway, you are not allowed to bike in some pedestrian paths which runs parallel to the bike lanes but closer to the water. Just read the signs - I do know people who have been ticketed by park police!
Goldman Sachs global headquarters @ 200 West Street laid down these elegant bike lanes running in front of the main entrance

it was so warm - jackets were off at lunch time
after turning on left onto Vesey Street, you get a great view of the The Irish Hunger Memorial - a beautiful portion of cantilevered grassy landscape which incorporates stones from all of the different counties of Ireland

you can also enter this outdoor memorial through this passageway
a duck filled pond to cool off by
loved spotting this 'Little Lady' pulling up to the ferry terminal
the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center - which likely houses the largest palm trees in NYC
the Statue of Liberty off in the distance
the weeping trees in front of the Museum of Jewish Heritage
wrapping around the tip of Manhattan the bike bath - the underside of the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge 
north of the South Street Seaport - just before turning off for either the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge

this was the route - if you are looking for more, check out NYC Bike Maps

28 March 2011

via Florence: sites + cycles

Piazza del Duomo

the car free Via Dei Calzaiuoli
along the Mura di Firenze - the ancient defensive walls of the city

next to the Uffizi, facing the Arno
bike path along the Arno

I have finally gotten around to tackling (umm, organizing) my photos taken in Italy last month. So, Florence, compared to fast-pace scooter-centric Rome, is a serene bicycle-mania city. It was impressive how much cycle-chic-watching could be done right in the cultural heart of the city in the Piazza Di San Giovanni, adjacent from the Duomo! Mind you this was February - so I can only imagine what it's like when the temperature is higher then 50°F/10°C. Aside from the large number of college (exchange) students in the city core, like in many European cities, there is great diversity among the ages of bicyclists. So refreshing to see!

Another remarkable thing about Florence is its progressive and young (born in 1975) Mayor, Matteo Renzi. Soon after taking office in 2009, Mayor Renzi transformed one of the most famous squares in Italy, the Piazza del Duomo, by closing it off to motorized traffic making it 100% pedestrian and bike-friendly. The last century of smog did leave a lasting impression -- the blacked facades are still totally visible on the Baptistery and Cathedral and have yet to be fully cleaned/restore. Mayor Renzi has a lot more wonderful plans for the city including many new bike lanes, more restricted traffic zones, making the city center easier for mothers and pregnant women, and is considering allowing only electric cars into the city center! If you are fluent in Italian, you can read his 100 pledges, check out his website, and social network via his Twitter and Facebook.

these two images are from flickr 
of Mayor Renzi (in the blue blazer) touring the city by bike

14 March 2011

via Florence: one bike-centric automobile

For car owners who love their bikes above all else! Wish you could buy these decals to fit any car.

07 March 2011

via Florence: parking space

It was so refreshing to find ample bike parking in Florence since bicycle corrals are every which way you look. Another thing that struck me in this beautiful Tuscan city is that rather then locking the rear wheel and leaning it against a building (like in Copenhagen)  bicycles would line the curb and be kept upright by having the pedal like so along the narrow sidewalks and streets in center city...

Kind of can't believe I got used to riding on these stone slab streets which make for a bumpy ride - funny to think that we New Yorkers complain about having to deal with pot holes.

01 February 2011

(pre) valentine “token of love”

Yesterday morning my commute was filled with a surprising amount of bike love. Cheerful members of Time's Up were out in full force handing out chocolates and 'tokens of love' to cyclists making their way over the Manhattan Bridge. Pretty awesome way to start the day - thanks Time's Up!

Event press release...
“Token of Love” Ticketing Blitz 
NEW YORK, NY - On Monday, 1/31, at 9:00 a.m., members of Time’s Up! Environmental Group, dressed as officers of the New York Peace Department (N.Y.P.D.), will be on the Manhattan Bridge handing out “Token of Love” tickets with chocolate coins and chocolate kisses to cyclists, thanking them with appreciation hugs for braving the cold and continuing to commute through the winter.  This event is to counter NYPD’s ticketing blitz targeting cyclists, which has resulted in over 1400 tickets issued in the first 2 weeks of January.  Many of these tickets, with a fine of $250 or more, have been issued by untrained police officers who are unfamiliar with the traffic laws pertaining to cyclists.  On Monday morning, cyclists will be rewarded for the economic and environmental benefits they give back to the City, turning the bike backlash into bike loving. 

+ if you want to get in on the action {here} are details on Time's Up Valentine's LOVE YOUR LANE RIDE & AFTER PARTY on Friday, February 11th
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