12 October 2011

a DYI bike light in a pinch

When leaving the office last night I realized I had not one bike light with me! Panic I did. Sure, I could have ran to the nearest bike shop but with a drawer full of bike lights at home and honestly do not need to add to that collection. There are a few things that I REALLY hate doing and one of those is biking (at night/dusk/dawn or in the rain) without my bike lights -- thus I started combing through my filing cabinet of oddities and fortunately found... a small yet powerful LED flashlight!

One light is better then none and since my commute route is hardly speeding car free I decided to rig up a rear red light with supplies around the office...
1. small flashlight
2. red film (which I used, but you can also turn any piece of white paper bright red with a red Sharpie)
3. clear tape
4. electrical tape
5. scissors

The clear tape helped secure the red film and electrical tape to secure the light onto my frame. Would have been awesome if the flashlight had a blinking mode -- but I'll be returning to my fav light set up tonight.

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