11 October 2011

Oregon Manifest's Utility Bike Design Challenge glory

Love looking through the results of Oregon Manifest's Design Challenge -- all the features frame builders incorporated in making the ultimate utility bike to encourage more people then ever to... bike!  Loads of great ideas were presented -- I particularity enjoyed spotting U-lock slots integrated in the frames or racks, use of (Halo Coatings) patented retro-reflective powdercoat finish, accompanying bag systems, lockable storage compartments, double kick stands galore, three wheels for load distribution, considerations for carrying kids, and a sweet lil' sidecar.

If you haven't already, check out bike portraits of the winners, the people's choice award, and all the entries on Oregon Manifest's site and Core77's chronicles. As previously posted,  Oregon Manifest real-life factor competition didn't solely judge on looks, nor the fact they had to incorporate urban necessities: anti-theft devices, fenders, lights, load-carrying capability, and a stand while parked, BUT were also judged on PERFORMANCE carrying a predetermined baggage load (including a mailing tube!) -- on a 50 mile road (and trail) course that looked like serious fun...

photos above from Core77's photo gallery
this one via QuixoteCycles by S Mirk

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