27 July 2011

Oregon Manifest's ultimate modern utility bikes...

Oregon Manifest, the design build challenge which has engaged a number of super interesting designers and constructors, just put out this lil' promotional video (via Treehugger). This is one fun real-life factor competition seeing that the judging is not solely based on looks NOR just performance -- the criteria for entries includes urban necessities like anti-theft devices, fenders, lights, load-carrying capability, and some sort of stand while parked!

And in case you haven't already been following the action, Core 77 has been, and continues to, document three team's design process --  IDEO X Rock Lobster Cycles / Fuseproject X SyCip Design / Ziba Design X Signal Cycles.

Looking forward to the road testing 'race' in September - when each entry is put to challenge and ridden 50 miles of all crazy types of terrain!

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