01 August 2011

Manhattan Bridge bike commute - for the next 6 months

my new morning commute view - of the Brooklyn Bridge (also going through repairs)
This past week (a number of) DOT staff standing at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge directing us on bikes to take a detour over the SOUTH side path. Yes, the south side, usually designated as the pedestrian side, while the north side usually for cyclists use. So confusing. But a quick Google search, Gothamist explained it all...

Turns out that due to a massive amount of cable repairs on the bridge, all 3,000+ daily cyclists heading over the Manhattan bridge are solely to use the south side for (at least) the next 6 months, until January 2012. The DOT put this together to help navigate:

From Brooklyn heading to Manhattan, it's quite nice. I'm enjoying mixing up my routine, the views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Governors Island off in the distance, as well as not having to deal that terrible intersection at Forsyth. And after taking the new route this past week, here's my opinion of how to deal (in pink):
I'll do anything to get out of taking those stairs with amount of stuff I lug on my bike - if you continue up Jay St. it's a tight turn but just take it easy!
It's my personal route and seems way more straightforward, again, as long as you take it easy at the turns
Come January, I'll be missing many of these south side (much smoother) metal joint covers...

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