31 July 2011

NON (overtly) GIRLY spandex for women by Twin Six

images via realcyclist.com

If your a women who's ever shopped for cycling apparel you know how difficult it is to find jerseys (and cycling shorts) that aren't outwardly feminine in pattern and colour scheme. And while I LOVE my floral patterns, as well pink, I'm always eying the men's selection which tends to be way more sporty, serious, and comes in way better colour schemes. So... was greatly relieved to see Minneapolis-based Twin Six's current selection for women.  I hadn't been on their site in at least a year and was happy to see they continue to do an awesome job at cranking out cool cycling clothes + gear with a twist of cute.

Oh, and a little rant on the abundance of reputable news sources publishing articles these days about the current and growing cycling culture which negatively use the description of "spandex-clad riders". It irks me every time.  As if every cyclist in spandex is racing and reckless as commonly portrayed -- it's a stereo type that saddens me. If your riding 30, 50, or 120 miles in a given day and have to cross through the city to get to the park or outer boroughs, you surely would favor spandex and padded cycling bibs. While you likely won't don your spandex for an urban commute - "spandex-clad riders" should be included in the family of urban cycling along with families with cargo bikes

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