12 April 2011

support your local bike shop + ride on

via NYC Bicycle Show
Biking long distances is hands down one of the great pleasures in my life. And while I've done a few organized Century rides, Glen's (a.k.a. NYC Bicycle Show) Montauk ride in June and North Fork Century in August out on Long Island are just a couple spectacular ways to spend a summer day in my opinion. His rides are organized, routes nicely indicated, well stocked rest stops with tons of delicious calories to refuel with, and at the end you are greeted with hot showers and meal (+ depending on the ride, beer) Yeah, pure bliss.

Why am going on and on about these rides?
Well, if you're a New Yorker + plan to spend $750+ (on new bike, upgrade, accessories, clothing, labor, rental, whatever-whatever) in ONE DAY in ONE SHOP by ONE person - you my friend will... 
get to ride any of Glen's rides for FREE
A value of about $80! The only catch is that you have to spend this $750 a local NYC bike shop. Details are {HERE}

And a reminder of how buying local makes a difference.
at the 2010 North Fork Century - might very well be the best slice of pie I've ever had

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