12 April 2011

welcome back mid-70°s

You've been dearly missed.

The weather in NYC yesterday was F-F-FABULOUS. While running errands I opted to take a detour and rode south of Chambers on the West Side. Since there is still construction along the West Side Highway, next to the World Trade Center site, the bike path makes a detour along the Hudson with some beautiful + well kept spots in Battery Park City along the way...

Note that most of this ride is on a path shared with pedestrians - it's more of a leisure sightseeing tour then cycle speedway. Also, be aware that further north on the West Side Greenway, you are not allowed to bike in some pedestrian paths which runs parallel to the bike lanes but closer to the water. Just read the signs - I do know people who have been ticketed by park police!
Goldman Sachs global headquarters @ 200 West Street laid down these elegant bike lanes running in front of the main entrance

it was so warm - jackets were off at lunch time
after turning on left onto Vesey Street, you get a great view of the The Irish Hunger Memorial - a beautiful portion of cantilevered grassy landscape which incorporates stones from all of the different counties of Ireland

you can also enter this outdoor memorial through this passageway
a duck filled pond to cool off by
loved spotting this 'Little Lady' pulling up to the ferry terminal
the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center - which likely houses the largest palm trees in NYC
the Statue of Liberty off in the distance
the weeping trees in front of the Museum of Jewish Heritage
wrapping around the tip of Manhattan the bike bath - the underside of the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge 
north of the South Street Seaport - just before turning off for either the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge

this was the route - if you are looking for more, check out NYC Bike Maps


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was last in NYC in August, and it was great to see images from a bike of this great city. Quite different from Virginia.

  2. Jennifer, sweet to hear.
    It's fun to play tourist for the day in your own city.... perhaps I'll do more of these style posts!

  3. Awesome shots! It's amazing what you can find if you go incrementally off the beaten path. Next time I'm in NYC, I'll have to check out some of these hidden sites. Or better yet, maybe we can do a quick bike tour together!

    I especially like the bokeh in your shot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

  4. I have lived in NY all my life and biked the west side many times but have never seen the beautiful parks in Battery Park until this detour was installed on the west side! (I think I had the same idea as you that sunny day! :) Instances like this always remind me that there is always more to discover about this city.


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