14 April 2011

spring cleaning

now you don't have to go this far to get your bike in shape - like this one from Things Organized Neatly
nor this one by PUBLIC bikes

If your bike has been out of commission for months -- warm sunny days are on the horizon so it's about time to get organized, cleaned up, and back on the ROAD! Even if you plan to drop it off to a shop for a tune up - here are a few links to some useful tips to help familiarize yourself with BIKE MAINTENANCE 101... and you might get so inspired that you'll save the $ and do it yourself +++ feel empowered!


Articles by Sheldon Brown
Harris Cyclery site that contains more information then you may want - but it's really helpful particularly when dealing with older bikes. Gotta love that old school website! 

Jim Langley's website
Author of Your Home Bicycle Workshop has lots of tips on his website.

Total Bike
Check lists to run through on a number of components.
Thanks, Kaitlyn Cole from OnlineUniversities.com


Bicycle Tutor
Has a number of videos on a variety of topics related to common bike maintenance issues, including this basis bike tune up.
Thanks, Simon Gallina - via BoingBoing

Etsy's How-Tuesday
Susan Lindell, from Brooklyn's Recycle-A-Bicycle, runs through the A-B-C's...

+++  lots of shops and organizations offer free workshops on the basics. In NYC there are many including Time's Up! and 718 Cyclery -- while Bicycle Habitat has a six week intensive on getting to know your bike intimately. 

Know of any other great workshops - in other cities?
Links to DIY maintenance?


  1. I take my bike down nearly that far every spring or fall (depending on how lazy I feel in November).

    Fixing your own bike is a joy. I've been doing it since '90. Still have a pile of expensive and now-useless tools. Like pin spanners for working on serviceable bottom brackets and 32mm wrenches for working on threaded headsets.

  2. I hear you. A serious deep clean is ideal (particularly with performance bikes) but it can be intimidating to some + should not hold people back. But, yes, the best way to know your bike inside out and extend the lifespan of parts.

    Speaking of... I need to get in it myself. This past winter's record snow fall was not kind to my beater commuter.


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