18 April 2012

Torch, a new cycling helmet

FTLOBs reader Nathan Wills sent over a helmet he's been developing which integrates front and rear lights into the helmet itself. You can check out more about the Torch, including a video of the design in action in the pouring rain, on his Kickstarter page (where all funds raised will go towards tooling, initial production, packaging, and domestic shipping to backers).

I'm not sure of the overall weight of the helmet but like the idea of gaining visibility from the sides and since its an all-in-one product --  you won't have to worry about forgetting your lights at home!

1 comment:

  1. This seems like a good idea but, I'm not sure it'd sell. If not weight, then cost would be an issue. I work at a bike store and get people who can't understand a $100 helmet (VT prices, btw).

    Plus, front and rear lights are a personal thing. Even customers who profess not to care spend and inordinate amount of time deciding on which lights to buy.


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