27 February 2012

hello, northern manhattan

We've moved! Yes, it may seem rash but my husband and I left Brooklyn, home for the past 10 years, to the northern tip of Manhattan. Brooklyn, you've treated me well with your growing number of bike lanes, bike shops, and cycling community as a whole. Indeed I'll be continuing to post about my bike-centric life... including my new 20 mile round trip commute via the beautiful (car-free) West Side Greenway along the Hudson River. Pretty dreamy... no doubt photos will be posted shortly!


  1. Welcome to Manhattan! I'm in the UWS and love the West Side Greenway!

    1. Thanks, Robin!
      Its been just a week riding the Greenway thoroughly enjoying the views. I also rode with the BikeTrain yesterday... a bike commuter meet-up which I'll post about shortly!

  2. Nice blog, would love to revisit this page.

  3. Love, love, love riding the Greenway for my commute. I do a similar trip (10.8 miles each way) and it's the most enjoyable part about my job. In fact, some mornings the only reason I get out of bed to go to work is so I can ride. Welcome to the neighborhood.


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