29 February 2012

Brooklyn bike-goodness

A nostalgic look back to some things I'll miss about living/biking in Brooklyn over the years.
In no particular order...
The cheerfully painted bike barrier on Flushing Ave.
 A section nearby with designs by Taliah Lempert.
 Mosaics on a bike lane barrier in downtown Brooklyn.
 Biking by his awesome tree in Prospect Park.
 Checking out DARGELOS' latest designs at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble.
 Meeting up with Maid Marian Muffins in DUMBO.
Testing out NYC Bike Share bikes.
Joining in on Park(ing) Day on 5th Ave.
718 Cyclery's new location on the 3rd Avenue bike path
Watching the NYC Marathon from 3rd Avenue.
Outdoor screening of Bike Shorts + the history of the velodrome exhibition at the Old Stone House.
Heading back to Brooklyn after a bike-related event with the stylish Julie of Adeline Adeline.
Spotting the guy in the 'bike lane' costume in Park Slope's Halloween parade.
The view of the Williamsburg Bridge from northern side the Manhattan Bridge bike path (soon to be reopened to cyclists.
The view of the Brooklyn Bridge -- and the new jewel box-like Jane's Carousel from the southern side the Manhattan Bridge bike path (soon to be closed to cyclists).
Running into Amy, of the dance troupe Heels on Wheels, with a basket full of groceries one cold winter night.
Pop-up complimentary coffee stop by Brooklyn Roasting Co. and Transportation Alternatives on the Manhattan Bridge bike path.
Being handed a Valentine from Time's Up at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge bike path.
Spotting hot pink handle bars in the snow.
This bike path marker on Kent Ave.
+++ my daily commute along the beautiful Prospect Park West bike lane!

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