07 December 2011

shoe covers to the rescue

Last night's rainfall had me pulling out my wind/water proof Louis Garneau shoe covers... though designed to fit over cycling shoes, I'm continually amazed how well they work on top of just about any shoe in my closet!

They've been so versatile that I've been keeping them tucked away in my bag -- along with my gloves and tool/patch kit.


  1. I'm jealous. I just put on thermal socks and slap duct tape over my shoe vents.

    Man, those vents sure work, though, even covered by duct tape.

  2. Duct tape is awesome! One of the best supplies one could have on hand. (Though I know what you mean about the vents... my mountain bike shoes are less vented then road shoes though.) Reminds how back in the day cyclists used to just stick newspaper under their jerseys to windproof their core. (Come to think of it, like how they use to insulate old houses!)

    I'm jealous of those hardcore thick thermal shoe covers. Mine are thin and more for water and wind blocking -- then insulating.


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