17 November 2011

yet another reason why I love my Ortlieb (in the rain)

In last night's downpour I had no place to add a second rear light (due to my detachable fender and rain jacket) but ended up keeping the light on *inside* the bag and it surprisingly shined right through! Granted my Knog Boomer Wearable was not as bright as it is on its own (though it had a great diffused effect) and it would be preferable that the backpack had a little tag on the outside so you can just clip on a light...

But while on the topic of my Ortlieb Velocity Backpack... it really is a utilitarian dream. Reliably waterproof, durable, comfortable, comes in that screaming yellow (though I so want one in white, mine was a hand-me-down), has a super high capacity, and comes with a great little snap in pouch inside to help keep you organized. Can you tell how much I love my "Banana Bag" -- a name it inherited from my co-workers?!

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