17 November 2011

sidewalk smash up

A sad, yet common, sight... evidence of why not to lock up on the outside of a street pole.

Stumbled upon this bike in SoHo but it happened to a co-worker last month in front of our office by a UPS truck. Its pretty safe to say that it is worth going out of your way to always park on the inside (sidewalk side) of poles.


  1. The only problem with locking the bike on the inside of the pole is that it can sometimes get in the way of pedestrians. It's a big issue here in Ireland - possibly you folks have wider sidewalks.

  2. James,

    Indeed but sidewalks really vary here according to the neighborhood. In general it doesn't make a huge difference if your park on the inner vs. outer side of poles/bike racks -- however -- every inch helps in preventing expensive repairs. Having traveled in Europe I've def. seen super narrow city streets which leave few bike parking options... and recall lots of bikes locked up to some part of the fixture on the exterior of buildings. Would love to see some photos of crafty ways people get around it!


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