16 August 2011

glow in the dark jeans, yes, you read correctly

How amazing would it be to be spotted riding at night in these Glow In the Dark Jeans! Spotted on Cool Hunting, Naked & Famous Denim uses only the most unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan - and they really went all out with these newly launched line. You can check them out in person at Barneys New York and Barneys COOP nationwide, and here's a bit more about them...
The jeans work because we apply a phosphorescent coating to the fabric in Japan. This coating is baked into the fabric and will absorb light and slowly release that light with an emanating green glow, just like those Glow in the Dark stickers we had on our ceiling as a kid. Just charge them up in the light (can be natural sunlight or artificial bulb light) and then shut the lights and watch ‘em glow! The jeans will also glow intensely under UV light (aka Blacklight), so if you wear the jeans in a club with a blacklight, your pants will appear neon green!

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