16 August 2011

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Burt Bunyan RULES!

Justice Burt Bunyan ruled in the city’s favor today, following an Article 78 challenge filed by two neighborhood groups against Brooklyn's PPW Bike Path. Via the New York Observer...
“This decision results in a hands-down victory for communities across the city,” Transportation czarina Janette Sadik-Khan said in a release. “The plaintiffs have been dead wrong in their unsupported claims about the bike path and DOT’s practices. This project was requested by the community, they voted repeatedly to support it, and their support has registered in several opinion polls. Merely not liking a change is no basis for a frivolous lawsuit to reverse it.”
Thanks, Kim Burgus for sharing the breaking news!
from July 2010 when the path was first installed
You can read about the birth of the PPW bike path [here]

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  1. the magpie29.8.11

    Thanks for your coverage of this issue. I raise a glass of iced tea to those New York cyclists who took the time to speak out for the bike path. It's a victory for cyclists everywhere. Cheers from Seattle!


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