28 August 2011

extra sweet bike memories / then and now

Eric, who took those great photographs at Meet Your (Bike) Match, sent over this incredibly sweet clipping his landlady gave him! The article is from the October 1999 issue of Reminisce magazine. Proves if you treat something right, it will last a lifetime ♥


  1. WOW!
    That was so dang cool! Thanks for posting that.

    My first bike was crushed by my dad (I left the bike behind the car) and my second bike was a cheap huffy ten-speed that wasn't worth keeping.

    I do still have my first mountain bike. A 1988 Trek 950 that I rode around Seattle and then around the trails and fire roads of Kodiak, Ak. It's now my trials bike with v-brakes, riser bars, odi lock-ons and platform pedals.

  2. They make me feel guilty about not caring for my bike religiously.

    Great post.



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