12 July 2011

Levi's shows their bike love

The good old American blue jean co. is rolling out a bike friendly line this week! Spotted on Refinery 29, these 'Commuter Skinnies' comes with a utility waist band designed to store your bike lock' (above) complete with Cordarounds Bike To Work Pants-esk detailing...


  1. I love these pants and your blog is really wonderful.
    Happy cycling!

  2. Anonymous13.7.11

    are they only for men?

  3. I would be terribly disappointed if they only bothered with designing them for men. I took a look a their official press release and it doesn't say... does quote their SVP of Men's Merchandising & Design who's quoted:

    "This product was born from innovation and classic American style - it's about designing product for people who ride bikes, by people who ride bikes. We knew that our jeans were already being worn by urban cyclists across the country. We listened to what they wanted and created a product with performance traits for biking that also functions as daily street wear."

    If women were not considered, that would just be so lame. Will have to check them out in the store...


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