16 September 2010

one (crazy stormy) commute home

bike path approaching Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
Plaza Street West
Prospect Park West bike path

The National Weather Service is still determining whether the storm I (incidentally) biked home through this evening was a tornado that ripped through Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Whatever it was - it was HUGE - thunder, lightning, down pour leaving scaffolding torn apart and unfortunately lots of uprooted trees (came across a few on Vanderbilt Ave. alone). A helpful read if ever unexpectedly caught outside in a lightning storm.

I shot the photos above as the rain died down around 6:30pm -- the NYTimes has some incredible photos sent in by readers.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous18.9.10

    I love your Brooklyn Tornado photos because they show precisely my old nabe! Thanks so much!

    Saw your Tornado post here (Sept.16, 2010):



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