14 September 2010

bikes in homes + Design*Sponge

Since 2004 Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney has been filling the blogosphere with great design on the ultra popular Design*Sponge -- and most recently shared her love for bicycles! She posted 55 of her favorite bike-related designs, an interview with the owner of NYC bike boutique Adeline Adeline, along with one of my current obsessions -- bikes in homes. For many urbanites this is one daunting issue. Whether you own one or two or six they can easily become problematic in ones living space (though made easier if you have high ceilings - we once had 5 sets of wheels and 4 frames hanging in one tiny one bedroom, ahh not ideal). Thus I was thrilled to see a couple nice bike storage options spotted in a couple 'sneak peaks' of designers/artists homes in the D*S post:

sneak peak w/ some Leonardo Wall Hooks in action

(oh, and check out that nice sleek West Elm Pratt Collection Desk to the left
- a design project I worked on last summer!)

sneak peak w/ the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand

And while on the topic...
The Leonardo Wall Hook is one ultra minimal and affordable option which I personally adore (actually recently ordered three of them). Public Bikes loves these hooks so much that they hung 40 of them in their office!

You may want to consider ways to prevent rear tire marks on your wall - particularly if you hang the hook directly against a wall - perhaps getting the Da Vinci Tire Tray... or DIYing it as a friend of mine did by screwing a stripe of aluminum right along the where the tires hit.

And another approach for a couple bikes... the Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand which leans securely against the wall - no attachment required. Particularly good for those transient apartment renters out there!

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  1. Thanks for this post. Hugely helpful for bike-loving NYC apartment dwellers.


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