23 February 2010

fits in your back pocket (really)

The sweet folks at BONESHAKER: A Bicycle Almanac shared a copy of their most recent edition with me.

Small in scale - the publication is easily transportable & instantly precious. I love that the format is "modeled loosely" after the War Department's 1941 Soldier's Basic Field Manual...

True to what you may expect from an almanac, Boneshaker editions have useful and interesting facts relating to the world of bicycles. The BA 42-400 is their 4th almanac and includes an interview with Jeff Mapes (author of Pedaling Revolution - my bible), short stories by cyclists, an article titled "Commuting In The Least Bicycle Friendly State", love letters, and reviews including one of Michigan-based Teamwork Bags made of salvaged sails and tractor tire tubes.

In this digital age - I still paper.

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