21 February 2010

dutch meets fold-up II

Last September I posted about Dahon's (inspired) Dutch style' fold-up bikes... but did a double take seeing Citizen's fold-up in a (very) similar style. It's Citizen's Barcelona - a 3 speed cruiser with a step-through frame & upright geometry on their site (on SALE this week at 1/2 the price) for $394, and if you are going for it, add on the basket.

My sister, who is in the market for a lighter and more practical commuter bike to add to her collection, is considering a Citizen... humm, I would go with the Barelona... in Ivory!

all photos via Citizen

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Would love one of these for train travel.

    My bike is too long to fit in the designated bike space on Amtrak trains. It's tragic.


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