09 January 2010

for the love of bikes: expandable bike basket

And my final industrial design graduate thesis project from the collection...

Aside from the geek factor and helmet hair, helmets save lives. With urban cycling on the rise, more and more diverse and sophisticated helmets are entering the market - so you really don't have much of an excuse anymore! But when wearing a helmet, a common issue surfaces: what to do with it once you arrive at Point B? Commonly helmets end up in awkward places: attached to the outside of a bag and left dangling, locked to the bike through a vent hole, etc. resulting in them getting scratched, damaged and dissuade some people from wearing one.

This bike basket/bag system allows you to - when need be - pop open the front portion to reveal an extra compartment to store a helmet along with your essentials. Different interchangeable weatherproof bags can snap into a lightweight bent wood frame. The high contrast interior lining and internal pockets keep belongings in place and organized. Two large pockets in the rear of the bag keep your lock and phone in sight + within reach.

cyclist Sara Dierck + outdoor photos by Steph Mantis

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vanessa, I followed the link to your website to see where to purchase your bike bag/basket and could not find a way to do that. Are you currently selling them online? If not, could I buy a prototype? I ride a step through classic bike and have nowhere to store my water and u lock as I ride. I end up having to dismount my bike to open my pannier on my rear rack to take a sip of water. ugh!


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