05 January 2010

for the love of bikes: cycling gloves

A project from my industrial design graduate thesis...

Hand signaling is a form of communicating with motorists and pedestrians. Communication is key in being respectful to fellow cyclists and motorists as well as staying safe - by combining highly reflective material with fluorescent calfskin leather, these gloves greatly increase a cyclist’s visibility.

The gloves greatly increase a cyclists visibility from a good distance, day or night, when signaling. Each incorporate reflective piping increasing reflectivity from every direction and has a single metal snap fastener. The palm of the gloves provides a good opportunity to have a fluorescent surface - and increase visibility from the front and back!

Thanks to cyclist Ivey Lian + outdoor photos by Steph Mantis



  1. Great shots Vanessa!
    Congratulations on completing!

  2. So awesome! I'd want a little wipey surface also.

  3. Those gloves look fabulous. I would totally wear those.

  4. um how did i not know about these. they're pretty rad :D
    nice blog, just came across it
    xoxoxx. from SF /meli

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  6. Anonymous2.1.11

    SO are these available?

  7. Anonymous3.4.12

    cool! when can we get these? congrats, nice and usefull idea =)


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