09 October 2009

fenders when you want them

My studiomate Ali spotted this bike yesterday parked up against the Angelika Theater...
Inflatable fenders?! Yeah, turns out to be Topeak's AirFenders.
These fenders stow neatly in hydration pack or wedge bag until needed. Then a few pump strokes is all it takes to inflate the fender protecting you from mud and road spray. Once skies clear, the AirFender™ Front and Rear deflate, roll up and clip compactly for easy storage. Multiple pivots on the Rear are easily adjustable allowing for optimum tire clearance on virtually any bike. Handy quick release makes installation and removal a snap.

Interesting concept as it addresses lightness and compact-ability, though I personally wouldn't bother with these on a commuter/everyday bike. Perhaps practical on a road bike since it snaps on/off?!


1 comment:

  1. Why would you ever not want mudguards? (British for fenders)


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