06 August 2009

pimp my fahr rad

Years ago, visiting Austria, I caught some episodes of the short lived ‘Pimp My Fahr Rad’. Similar in set up to the popular 'Pimp My Ride' but in German, and yes, with bikes. Each episode had a new 'client' that would bring in their bike to have it match their lifestyle. The bike store crew would then outfit the bike with customized parts like this dj's bike outfitted with turntables...

Some of what they tackled was ridiculous, like when they 'pimped' a hair dressers' bike with mirrors and hair spray contains all other the place. That aside, it was pretty to cool to watch an entire MTV show dedicated to bicycles. While they did come up with some wild possibilities for two wheels, they never seemed to concerned with the adding weigh to a bike!?!

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