05 August 2009

Peaks Island, Maine

Tiny islands are wonderful places - ones with few to no cars are the best. Peaks Island is a 20 minute ferry ride from Portland and about 1 mile wide and 2 miles long with a population of 1,000. There are a few cars but most people get by with bikes (though golf carts are pretty popular with the older folks).

spotted on Peaks Island
A custom seat cover outside the corner store. A lovely match for Gerhard Richter's "Betty" - a painting he made of his daughter in 1988 and one of my favorites...

"Betty" by Gerhard Richter / custom bike seat

The island's (no name) bike shop for all your biking needs (including renting tandems!)

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  1. Love the blog! Also, I only just now noticed that it's a pun on the phrase "For the love of Christ!"


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