11 May 2012

Hello Kitty bicycle mania in SoHo

Last Friday SoHo experienced cuteness overload. In honor of Sephora's Big Pink Bow fragrance launch, Broadway was lined with models in pink tulle skits, Hello Kitty herself, and a row of Hello Kitty bicycles which they were raffling off that afternoon!

This was happening around the corner from my office, and lo and behold, but not one BUT TWO of my colleagues each won one of these Hello Kitty beach cruiser style bike (which came with a helmet, front brake and bell)! I still couldn't help but wish they had been giving away a bike better suited for city riding...


  1. how did I miss this?!



  2. Anonymous13.5.12

    The licensing department at Sanrio is comprised of geniuses.

    Bikes + Hello Kitty = superhappyawesome

  3. Those bikes are kind of awesome. I don't know if they're quite my style though, and I agree - it would be better if they had thought of bikes better suited for city living/bike commuting. I know if I had won one of those bikes, my roommates would have killed me - where on earth would I keep it?

  4. omg - that's so crazy!!

    but agreed: superhappyawesome!!


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