25 April 2012

Spinlister catching my attention

This bike in SoHo caught my attention for two reasons... (1) the bike's awesome colour scheme - especially like the yellow pedals matching the Ulock and (2) the seat cover ad by Spinlister, a new online marketplace where you can rent/rent out a bike...

via Spinlister
Doing a few quick searches I found a real range of bikes (even one with a kids seat), per day prices (ranging from $10 to $60) with per week options, pick-up locations, though found the majority listed as fitting 5'6" or taller. It was also interesting to see that along with individuals listing their bikes, I spotted a couple rental companies like Bike and Roll on there...
via Spinlister
Before considering renting out on of my bikes, I'm going to spend some time reading through their Terms & Conditions. But it does seem like this site is a pretty brillant way of scoring some wheels for a few days -- especially if your an out of towner - or - making some extra $$ from a bike collecting dust in your tight living quarters. I just know if I were renting, I would be mighty careful locking up! 

If you've used Spinlister, do share your thoughts!!! 

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