26 March 2012

The Cherry Walk's cherry blossoms

Having growing up in Washington DC, cherry blossoms hold a special place in my heart - but who doesn't love the sign of Spring to come with their delicate pale pink flowers whose pedals rain down?! Since I'm not likely to make it to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in time to catch this year's (early) peek, there's the West Side Greenway!

Heading up the Greenway bike path, between 100th and 125th Street in Manhattan, you'll end up on The Cherry Walk -- a mile long stretch with numerous cherry blossom trees right along the Hudson River waterfront.

I snapped these on way home last Friday evening as the trees started coming to life...
map via NYC.GOV


  1. Lovely! We have really been enjoying the cherry blossom season in D.C. as well, though many of the petals are falling now. No matter. On to the azaleas!

  2. OMG! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Back in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, the streets get lined with pink cherry blossoms in the spring. Oh how I miss the cherry blossoms!


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