17 February 2012

thank you, Bicycling magazine

At a NYC Bike Coalition meeting at Transportation Alternatives last night, I was surrounded by fabulous NYC cycling ladies including Adeline Adeline, Nona, Susi, Liz, Julie, Anita, Kim of Biketrain -- more to come on that!, and Caroline of TA.

It was also at the meeting where I got my hands on the March issue of Bicycling magazine! Awesome seeing a strong woman grace the cover + to top it off I was TOTALLY flattered to have been included in their 'LOVE' Venn diagram...


  1. Love your blog. My March 2012 issue that came in the mail has an entirely different cover. 3 ladies cycling up a road along a coast. Not near the impact as the one you have!

  2. Thank you!
    I had no clue they had multiple covers... but cool to hear there are female cyclists on yours as well!

  3. Oh Vanessa, I've been meaning to send you a note! I saw that you were included! So deserving! Congrats!

  4. Jason21.2.12

    Vanessa - this is huge! I had no idea about the honor bestowed on you by Public Bikes either. You're so modest! Keep up the good work...

  5. Woot, madame, woot.



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