09 February 2012

mild winter wardrobe adjustments

This being the warmest winter cycling weather in recent memory, I've only had to dip into my real hardcore gear for (very small) handful of days! Since December I've found myself relying on a these accessories to keep from over heating yet stay warm enough on my daily commutes. Its pretty much all about micro adjustments...

armwarmers i.e. socks for your arms
I love theses by DeFeet, they never slide down your arm and they easily fit under most clothing + made using CoolMax® Eco Made™, a materials derived from recycled plastic bottles

fleece vest
So versatile - I've been wearing one on top of a long sleeve but when it gets really cold I like keeping one in my commuter bag as a backup layer. Mine is ancient and from Mountain Equipment Co-op -- if I were to buy a new one I'd look for one that had a longer back panel

The moment its below 60° I wear one by Pearl Izumi. I find it to be essential + it helps to protect your eardrums when the wind is strong

+ just in case the temperature does drop dramatically by the time I leave work in the evening, I like to keep these readily available in my commuter bag:

windproof jacket
Which you can throw on top as an extra buffer - but so compact can remove and stick it in your bag the moment your warmed up enough

♥ extra pair of wool socks
Hiking liners are great since they are thin for layering. I haven't even touched on those rare snowy NYC days but these are also super helpful to have around in case of slush/rain. (I Smartwool)

image sources from above: DeFeet arm coverings / Pearl Izumi MicroSensor headband (the same version I have)retro Patagonia fleece / SmartWool hiking liners

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  1. I can't believe how warm the winter has been either. Normally, I commute on a folding bike, and fully expect to take the bus home with my bike at least once/week because it snows so much during the day. I haven't had to do that even once this year.


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