29 November 2011

sparkle on: glitter and cycling unite

'Tis the season for... SPARKLES! I just adore the abundance of little lights and glitter during the holiday season and thought I'd share a few items which caught my eye:

Nutcase Street Helmet in Silver or Gold Sparkle via PUBLIC Bikes / Glitter Handlebar Grips from LightenUpBikes / Vintage Vinyl Glitter Bicycle Tool Bag on EBay /and my current obsession with glitter nail lacquer... chunky and micro glitter in one by OPI for SEPHORA


  1. It's funny how demographics work. I worked at a bike store in Vermont this summer and had a majority ladies, both serious cyclists and newbies, who thought that most women's cycling gear was too girly. Even if they wanted purple and pink they overwhelmingly preferred matte colors and simple patterns.

    Even the ones who liked girlie could not understand companies' penchants for white clipless cycling shoes for women (especially the mountain bikers)

  2. HA HA - while I do love my glitter I actually have an aversion to most cycling gear/apparel designed for women. I totally identify with not wanting to scream girly on a bike -- therefore most of my cycling apparel is from Europe where there traditionally have been far more options without floral patterns and lame colour ways (though there are plenty of American brands emerging with the same M.O.).

    Also, love that you bring up the white cycling shoes! Perhaps it is demographics but I wish my SIDI road shoes were white -- I am, after all, a white accessory fiend! However, who can rationalize having white mountain bike shoes -- in the dirt?!


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