04 October 2011

a bike's new life w/ a new rider

Due to space constraints in our apartment and the recent increase in bike vandalism in my neighborhood, I forced myself to part with my Schwinn Suburban. It was difficult to say goodbye to the bike that got my through these past couple NYC winters -- but was thrilled to find it a perfect home!

Meet Nelly (above!)... she's a Brooklynite who hadn't rode a bike since childhood but wanted to start riding to her college campus and such. The moment she laid eyes on the Schwinn she said it was exactly what she had been looking for. Sweet! She was so excited that I threw in some essentials: helmet, bell, and rear red light. Nelly had a bunch of questions about staying safe, what's legal and not, good routes in Brooklyn... I also gave her the following advice -- two words little words that I think are key to cycling whether your on a bike path or city street:

be predictable.
Enjoy, Nelly!

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