22 September 2011

Lovin' the Sporting Life @ the Museum at FIT

I had the pleasure of checking out not one but TWO fabulous fashion apparel/accessory exhibitions currently on view at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)...

Sporting Life (through November 5th) on the ground floor gallery, has over 100 garments on display demonstrating how "clothing for sporting activities has often influenced fashion -- and vice versa" from the Museum's permanent collection. Bicycling as a category is show along side sailing, swimming, golfing, skating, motoring, and hunting. It's always so cool when you come across designs from a century ago and they can look so contemporary!
from my sketch book (photo taking is not allowed)...  
Bicycling Boots, 1898, USA -- with straps that buckled to prevent laces getting caught in the chain/gears and protect stocking from dirt while adding an element of modesty; and
Man's Cycling Shirt: red wool and Rhovyl 1971-72, France -- check out that collar(!), button details and front pocket

Secondly, though not bicycle/sport related, is the jaw dropping couture collection of Daphne Guinness on view through January 7th, 2012 on the lower level. The exhibition opened during NY Fashion Week and if your a fan of Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, and daring fashion in general this is a MAJOR must see -- AND unlike the recent MET show, you won't have to wait in an insanely long line to get in to see McQueen masterpieces in person!

As always, the galleries at the Museum at FIT are free of charge to the public!

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  1. love it! Hey this is Neely, thanks again for the bike! Had my first ride to campus and back yesterday, went well! got all my locks and goodies, and had so many compliments on my bike!!


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