25 June 2011

via the Alps: 4 days touring

Cycling is a bit of a family affair. That's my cousin Victor who arrived last week in Venice by ferry (wearing a FTLOB Tee ) after crossing the Eastern Alps... Victor, who lives in Geneva, met up with his brother-in-law, who lives in Sweden, for four days of touring through Austria, a detour into Slovenia, to end in Italia! Here's their Google Maps itinerary which begins in Linz, Austria and ends in Venezia (Venice!) by ferry. While the weather forecast just before departure was dim:
it was fortunately neither prohibitive nor correct! Oh, and about the ascents...
we climbed a total of 2700m on the first day, some 1400 on the second and probably about 2000 on the third - the 4th day was flat: we were riding at 35km/h like maniacs across southern Italy. also tried to get it calculated using veloroutes.org... but it wasn't working.
A totally dreamy trip. The photos are so beautiful - makes it mighty tempting to buy an airplane ticket + bike shipping case!
off to a good start!

Entering Slovenia soon..
Arrivati in Udine! (After crossing 2 passes in Slovenia, 2000m climb. Over with the Alps!)

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  1. Looks amazing! I wish I had done this while I lived in Austria. Good for them for embarking on such a memorable journey by bike!



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