11 May 2011

lunch break - Hudson River Park style

There's nothing better these past few weeks then jumping on my bike at lunch time, riding from SoHo directly west to the the Hudson River in as little as 5 minutes -- trading in the streets and heat for waterfront breezes and sunbathing in a green grass haven I consider it one of the best reasons to commute by bike in this immaculate weather.  Given you can take an actual lunch hour, it takes minutes from most places on the island of Manhattan to access one of the city's best resources: the AMAZING (recently enhanced) WATERFRONT GREENWAY. 

Did you know that the Hudson River Park is the largest park to be built in Manhattan since the completion of Central Park? It's pretty dramatic how recent developments have transformed the waterfront into a 550-acre park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street into a waterfront haven which includes 13 public piers, a marine estuary, upland parks, a waterfront esplanade, a carousel, skate parks, newly planted trees, cafes/vendors, nice shady spots, and a bikeway that now stretches past the GW Bridge all the way to The Cloisters!

Hudson River Park has an interactive map found {here} -- time get off the computer and soak it all in...

1 comment:

  1. I was just looking at the Bklyn Greenway map, trying to figure out how contiguous the bike lanes are. Is the Hudson River Park fully connected by bike lane? I know a portion of it is near Chelsea Piers but I didn't know if this was fully done?


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