21 March 2011

Two in One: rack + mirror

Once you've gotten hooked to cycling for years, one bike is rarely enough to fit all your needs. James Breaux is a designer and recent business school grad who after getting into riding commuter, mountain and time trail bikes ran into this issue. Finding most freestanding racks on the market so industrial looking they belonged in a garage rather then living room, James designed this bent wood Modern Bicycle Rack to take care of displaying two bikes elegantly. The rack is slick enough to blend in with your furniture and includes a 40 inch mirror "making sure you look good before you go out for a ride".

Thanks for sharing, James!


  1. Anonymous21.3.11

    This design is stunning & would look great in my living room!

  2. That's slightly prettier than my oak Gear Up. Since I got my new 'cross bike, I need another...

    And up here in the wilds of VT, the mirror would used to see how badass you look all sweaty and mud-covered after a day on the trails ;)


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