16 March 2011

Peter Fong's (before + after) bike

Custom paint jobs can be difficult to pull off as a DIY project, but Peter Fong's bike is exquisite. Rather then going the $100++ route to get a custom powder coat paint job on his bike, Peter (an Australian Illustrator) took matters into his own hands and revamped an eBay purchase. Disassembled the bike, sanded the frame and fork down to the metal, applied spray can primer, a lovely green paint (which goes great with the leather accents), hand painted characters -- including those awesome owls using black acrylic, and added a clear coat to seal. I asked Peter how the paint job was holding up after a month...
It's held up pretty well so far. There are a few chips on the fork where it leans against poles when I park it but I think that's from me not spraying enough clear coat over it. I was more worried about the the other parts of the frame I think I neglected the fork haha.
You can check out more of Peter's illustrations + projects {here}


  1. Wow thank you so much! :)

  2. Those little illustrations are just brilliant!


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