31 March 2011

DESIGNER BIKES: Tziporah Salamon, Stylist + Dresser Extraordinaire

image via Advanced Style
Armed with an incredible wardrobe (filled with vintage and designer finds), her bicycle and a lust for life - Tziporah Salamon might very well be the most attention grabbing cyclist riding in NYC. You may recognize her from the NYTimes Style pages (through Bill Cunningham's lens) or Advanced Style which documents 'the most stylish and creative older folks'. 

Tziporah recently shared with for the LOVE of bikes how she ended up riding a Bianchi in garments from the l800's...
via Racked / NYTimes Bill Cunningham / Anon.
I've been riding in the NYC for:
around 15 years

What I love most riding is: 
the freedom of getting around quickly - the being out with the elements especially exhilarating when I am cycling down the bike path along the Hudson River on the West side of Manhattan, with the river, the sky, the birds, the trees, the sun or the moon and stars - there's nothing like it - sheer joy!
I ride a Bianchi Milano since (that color scheme must have been a factor!):
I saw my first one parked in the streets on Madison Avenue and left a note in the basket asking the owner where she got it - I knew I had to have it - it was love at first sight - based entirely on what it looked like - the color, the red on the tires - it was just the coolest bike I had ever seen. As a bonus, it rides like a dream!

Other bikes I've owned:
Growing up in Israel, I always had a bike. In NY, my first bike came about when my friend Graziella moved to California from NY and asked me if I wanted her bike - a great old Schwin - I had it for years before I started to ride it because I was afraid of riding in the city. Then one day, I just got on it - and I've been riding ever since. I've had 2 Schwinns stolen and one Binachi, - but it doesn't stop me. I love riding!

Favorite clothes to cycle in:
All my outfits - from my l800's Chinese embroidered coats to my Victorian whites to my contemporary designer garb. It doesn't matter because I make it work - I am always in pants so it's not a problem. I must confess, I have ruined some of my coats by having them get tangled in the wheel - but I keep on doing it. I try hiking them up if need be.

Words of wisdom for any apprehensive/new cyclists:

Just do it - once you get on the bike and experience the freedom and joy you'll never go back.


  1. TZIPORAH !!!!!

    U LOOK FAB!!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE this! You are such an inspiration, not only for clothing, but to get up off my lazy butt.


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