01 February 2011

(pre) valentine “token of love”

Yesterday morning my commute was filled with a surprising amount of bike love. Cheerful members of Time's Up were out in full force handing out chocolates and 'tokens of love' to cyclists making their way over the Manhattan Bridge. Pretty awesome way to start the day - thanks Time's Up!

Event press release...
“Token of Love” Ticketing Blitz 
NEW YORK, NY - On Monday, 1/31, at 9:00 a.m., members of Time’s Up! Environmental Group, dressed as officers of the New York Peace Department (N.Y.P.D.), will be on the Manhattan Bridge handing out “Token of Love” tickets with chocolate coins and chocolate kisses to cyclists, thanking them with appreciation hugs for braving the cold and continuing to commute through the winter.  This event is to counter NYPD’s ticketing blitz targeting cyclists, which has resulted in over 1400 tickets issued in the first 2 weeks of January.  Many of these tickets, with a fine of $250 or more, have been issued by untrained police officers who are unfamiliar with the traffic laws pertaining to cyclists.  On Monday morning, cyclists will be rewarded for the economic and environmental benefits they give back to the City, turning the bike backlash into bike loving. 

+ if you want to get in on the action {here} are details on Time's Up Valentine's LOVE YOUR LANE RIDE & AFTER PARTY on Friday, February 11th

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