01 October 2010

seoul cycle faves

Handle the Handle by AHN Joonggun, CHEONG Jihyung, Korea
I do love imagining built-in tools on my commuter -- this handle detaches and TA DA is a pump in case of a flat (the other handle COULD hole a patch kit and extra inner tube!)

Spread Your Love by Hamed KOHAN, Iran
a LOVEly message delivered with traction

Lurking by LEE Jumin, KANG Sukjin, Korea
an adjustable length lock +++ functions as a rear red light while riding at night

Ivy by Sono MOCCI, Italy
Any cyclist in NYC would (well, should) never think of using such a wimpy cable lock -- however it would look really cool on this bike

Sound Cycle by Alexander MUSPRATT-WILLIAMS, Belgium
I'm one of those people that doesn't mind when my bag raddles in my basket for this every reason
-- giving your bicycle a voice so others can hear you approach
-- HEY whatever happened to spoke beads!

Bike & Breathe by Anastasija MASS, Netherlands
an industrial pollution filter hidden underneath a scarf -
while applicable only in cold weather it would be amazing to develop in more types of garments

Seoc-Transformable Cycling Design by Mate Denes HAMORI, Hungary
a slip on which transforms any shoe into a hard sole cleat system
-- one that should go into production! I love my clipless pedals on my road bike and would totally consider something like this for my daily commute

Hand picked submissions/finalists/runners up from the 'cycle fashion + accessory design' portion of the recent Seoul Cycle Design Competition. While they are just concepts (at the moment) -- none the less they are ideas from around the globe. Some poetic, some practical... all in all some fun stuff.

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