02 September 2010

our cities ourselves on exhibit

Our Cities Ourselves: The Future of Transportation in Urban Life is on exhibit until September 15th at the Center for Architecture in NYC...
By 2030, sixty percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Sustainable transportation will be the key to the health of our cities, our own health, and the health of the environment.

Our Cities Ourselves
envisions sustainable urban futures for ten major global cities: Ahmedabad, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Dar es Salaam, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Mexico City, New York City and Rio de Janeiro. In each city, ITDP field offices and international architects propose ideal transportation futures grounded in current conditions. The proposals present safe, vibrant streets that promote social and economic equality, privilege mass transit, bicyclists and pedestrians, and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The exhibition features a number of prototypes including the recumbent-like cargo bike 'Etta' designed by Nick Foley, a recent ID graduate from Pratt Institute. Some nice process shots...
Photos via Visual Syntax - thanks, Matthew

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