20 July 2010

symphony of safety

wooden bike bell by Incredibell - the Woodpecker comes in Padauk and Japanese Cherry
(each wood producing a slightly different ring)

Adjustabell by Incredibell
which comes in handy for a track or road bike with large diameter handlebars
(and so easy to remove)
Illuminator by Incredibell - a bell + LED light
while I really love the idea of the two essentials combined,
the design would benefit from more then just one LED

Dutch brand Fietsfabriek's Klaxon Bike Bell - also in green and black
available at Rolling Orange in Brooklyn

the classic looking Hammer Strike Crane Bell from Rivendell - in Brass or in Silver Alloy
(which, as they point out, rings a slightly higher tone because it's aluminum)
PUBLIC's bright Federico Red Brass Bell
and for the sweet tooth - a petit gâteaux
hand painted bicycle bell from Montreal-based dringdring

Since a friend was recently looking for a bicycle bell - thought I'd share a little round up of a few I admire. If you are looking to buy an Incredibell or Crane bell, Adeline Adeline carries a good assortment online and in their NYC shop!

Also could not resist doing a post on bells and not including these two great videos - from Amsterdam demonstrating diversity...

and the incredible power of the bicycle bell...

Have a bicycle bell that you love? Do share...

1 comment:

  1. I've got the Incredibell Big Brass on my folding bike and really love it. I like that I can get kind of a dark sounding grind on it that satisfies the need to feel like I'm honking.


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