01 August 2010

pretty in pink

A sweet 16mm portrait about a girl and her custom pink iridescent glitter bike shot using Kodak’s new Vision 3 stock. The film maker herself rode her bicycle from Vancouver to St. John’s while shooting areacode in 2002! Thank for sharing, Bridget!

While on the topic of pink, the NYTimes' Freakonomics column had a funny little piece last month citing research from the Netherlands on the unlikely odds of your car being stolen if it's... pink. Wonder if the same holds true for bicycles?


  1. I love pink and bicycle:)

  2. Ha, never underestimate the power of gender constructions. Great video, I just found your site and am really enjoying it :)


  3. Gorgeous film! Really enjoying your blog too! ;-)

  4. "Wonder if the same holds true for bicycles?"

    ...that's exactly what I was thinking ♥


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