10 June 2010

hello, Globe's LIVE (via Australia)

Last fall, to help kick-off Globe's new line of 'Live' city friendly bicycles, a contest was held to give a few away to individuals who proved themselves deserving. Samatha Boswell (above), who lives in Sydney, Australia won herself a Live 2 with this darling video showing her daily commute and how it would change with a bicycle (make sure the volume is on!)...

Globe's Live 2 in Luna Grey

Globe's Live 2 Mixte in Terra Brown

These 'light utility bikes' (starting at $580 for the single speed version) have all the simplicity in design and practical details that make commuters happy... double leg kickstand, sweeping handlebars, chain guard, fenders, single speed or rear internal hub (no derailleur to keep clean!), and most wonderful of all -- the ultra practical built in front rack/basket w/wood ♥ bottom. Each model comes in a 'Mixte' version with more feminine style (and geometry). If you are on their site - you have to check out the 360° viewing of the bikes. How nice! I have yet to test ride - though Bicycle Habitat in NYC carries them!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is a beautiful bike!

  2. Anonymous11.6.10

    I have a Live 3 and absolutly love the bike for running errands or riding around town. I can carry a ton of groceries, hardware, gardening supplies and beer in the front rack so there is some real utility. The bike is fun to ride and always attracts attention wherever it is parked.


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