16 June 2010

for commuting, randonneuring, and touring

Philly-based Laplander makes these classic style panniers. While similar to Brooks' Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers, Laplander's (more affordable version) are handmade in Philly from sturdy 14 oz. cotton duck canvas fabric with nice attention to details (check out the fabric on the black version for the inside posket!)... for sale at their Etsy store!
Stumbled upon them in Whole Living magazine (formally 'body+soul') who were included in the featured article... 'How to Ride a (Grown-Up) Bike: to Work, with Kids, and More'


  1. I've been looking for an affordable pannier bag similar to the Brooks' one. I will definitely check these out.

  2. Anonymous20.6.12

    Just so you know, as of June 2012, these Laplander panniers are now actually about $30-$50 MORE than the Brooks' ones, and their Etsy store only shows them as available in a very lackluster black, with no stand out detail or anyting special. I've been giving consideration to buying them, but, honestly, the so-so style of them has held me back.


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